To be Jewish, Sephardi, Zionist – today

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To be Jewish, Sephardi and Zionist – today. An identity trilogy that is embedded in the DNA of most Sephardim. Is belonging to the Jewish people, attachment to the 2000 years old rich Sephardi traditions and love of Zion, still strong and alive especially among the younger generations of Sephardim in the diaspora ?

Rabbi Baruj Garzon

Born in Tetouan, Morocco, has spent most of his life in Madrid. A great Torah erudite, an excellent communicator and a man of dialogue, he became the first Chief Rabbi of Spain in the post-Franco period. He currently lives in Israel. The following extract from an interview accorded by the rabbi to El Pais clearly defines his views .."to be a rabbi is above all to be a teacher, not a priestly authority. A rabbi’s role is one of facilitating and explaining the Jewish laws in order to perpetuate them".

Lecture and discussions in Spanish, English and Hebrew

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